David’s Sunday Evening Update..

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – After a record snow event last week, this was the day we were expecting: lots of sun and lots of snow and ice melting.

However, as temperatures drop Sunday evening to Monday morning, there could be some cooling and some icy areas on the roads, sidewalks and parking lots. Watch out outside late Sunday evenings and Monday mornings.

Tonight: Mostly clear and not so cold. Bass 21.

Monday: Mostly cloudy with a chance of light snow falling at noon. Little or no accumulation is expected. High 30

Tuesday: Partly cloudy and warmer. high 36.

Temperatures above zero began to melt some of the water around the edge of the Morse Reservoir. But don’t look for open water and water skiing anytime soon!

Some of the record 7.6 inches of snow from last week is starting to melt. Officially, at Indianapolis International Airport, it was falling to 6 inches of snow on the ground Sunday morning. They will probably melt a few inches in the week ahead.

It is not so cold tonight because of the southwest winds. But, it can also be a little frustrating. So watch out for some icy patches late Sunday evening and Monday morning.

Our weekend warming trend suffers from a collision with a weak weather system that moves on Monday. Some light snow showers are possible on Mondays from late morning to early afternoon. Little or no accumulation is expected.

There’s not much to see, but FutureCast shows a few blue spots scattered throughout Indiana on Monday noon. If you see a snowstorm, it will only take an hour less.

Due to clouds and a change in northwest winds, Monday will be colder than Sunday afternoon.

8-day outlook: Silent temperatures above average Wednesday. Some light snowfall possible from late Thursday to Friday. Minimum snow accumulation in central Indiana. Most significant snowfall possible in northern Indiana. Seasonal temperatures next weekend. Lows in the 1920s and highs in the 1930s.

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