Inexperience, slow bats prevent prolonged success for Indiana baseball against Northwestern

With the departure of many players from the 2021 season, the theme of Indian baseball is filling up the ranks this season. With the youngsters comes inexperience and temporary, and the Hoosiers have seen struggles from offense and defense in the first half of the season.

After winning their opening game of three games at home with the Northwestern Wildcats, the Hoosiers lost the last two games and lost the series 1-2.

“We had some teen mistakes,” Mercer said. “It’s a talented group and a young group. Of course, we broke some basic rules the last two days. You just have to put it down and explain.”

In the first game on Friday, Indiana recorded just three points in the first six. In the seventh inning and later, however, Indiana brought up the hit hand and the touchdown hand. Although Indiana won the game 5-4, the production of the round was later than Mercer said he liked.

“Whenever you go and you win the first game with such a close game, you have to be really proud of the difficulty especially coming off the back of the win,” Mercer said. “I want us to make a quick adjustment, so that it can be more competitive in the beginning, but I’m going to give us a bus for tonight.”

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In the second game on Saturday, Indiana again saw a production delay, but this time it was too late for the Hoosiers and they were unable to pull off the win. The team went scoreless in eight innings and recorded five points per day. All six of the Hoosiers’ games came in the ninth inning, but were only found in a 7-6 loss.

Indiana came back from struggles early in the game and quickly jumped to scoring in the third game on Sunday, but was followed by a setback. solid when the Hoosiers were embarrassed to win at the end of the series.

Northwestern had 10 of his 13 games and two outings and added 10 touchdowns. The Wildcats have scored at least one goal in six separate inings, but two or more goals in five.

“You see the eight games we gave up between walks – where we walked on the tackles and the center where we hit three guys – and then there were some bad results in outward signs, ”Mercer said. “If you take those things away it doesn’t mean our cat is stuck on the mound. You can’t bleed like that. ”

Indiana struggled to bring production over the weekend and Northwestern won 24-17. The Hoosiers had a chance to win the series but left a total of 28 runners stranded on medals in three games.

With the first series of the Big Ten under Indiana’s belt, the team now sits in the overall position of 11-15 and 1-2 in the conference. Indiana will now watch a midweek game on Tuesday against the University of Evansville before the weekend against Purdue.

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