Indiana Postal History Society

Dedicated to the preservation of all eras of Indiana Postal History
through research, exhibiting, and publication.


Some information of use from adjacent states:

Postal History Societies

Missouri Postal History Society
A checklist of all the places in Missouri that ever had a post office
Illinois Postal History Society
We invite anybody interested in Illinois and Midwest postal history to join.
Ohio Postal History Society
Founded in Cleveland on March 6, 1976, the Ohio Postal History Society is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the study of the postal history -- the post offices, postal routes, and postal markings -- of the state of Ohio. The Society publishes the Ohio Postal History Journal quarterly, and periodically publishes other works relating to Ohio postal history.
Michigan’s Postal History Society
Postmarks From the Past is dedicated to writing about and preserving Michigan postal history, in particular those post offices which have closed.