Michigan, Indiana women’s basketball battle first place in Big Ten in top 10 showdown

As the Michigan women’s basketball team continues to make great strides nationally this season, its focus now is on taking the lead in the Big Ten.

The Wolverines, led by Naz Hillmon’s Big Ten player of the year, are six wins in a row and will face Indiana in a Top-10 game on Monday night at Crisler Center. Michigan, ranked 7th, has won five teams in the standings this season and will try to throw another Hoosiers.

Michigan is 18-2, 9-1 in the Big Ten, and No. 6 is Indiana 14-2, 6-0 and is currently at the top of the conference standings.

With the Wolverines winning 77-58 at Ohio State No. 22 last Thursday to extend their season series with the Buckeyes, Indiana will play its first game in 15 days. The Hoosiers have not played Purdue since a 73-68 win on Jan. 16 as the COVID-19 protocol has delayed the last three games.

Michigan coach Kim Barnes Arico said in an interview after the game that he was not sure what to expect from Indiana because of the release. Some Indiana players may not be available, so his plan was to focus on what the players do in Wolverines and what they do best and what needs to be improved.

“They haven’t played in a long time, so we’ll prepare for everyone,” Barnes Arico said of Indiana. “It’s such an interesting time at COVID, you don’t know who will be involved.

“They will rest well. That’s fine. We can’t worry about all that stuff. ‘

Hillmon, a senior Michigan striker, leads the team with an average of 20.2 points and 8.9 rebounds per game. Senior defender Leigha Brown averages 15.1 points per game, and defender Emily Kiser adds 10.3 points per game.

Against the Buckeyes, Hillmon had 12 rebounds to total his career to 935 as he became the all-time leading rebounder in Michigan. He broke Trish Andrew’s previous 928 record.

“It looks like he’s breaking another record almost every day,” Barnes Arico told reporters after the OSU match. “He’s been a special player in our program for the last four years, and his career isn’t over yet. It’s not over. He has a few more records in his hand, for sure. ‘

Although Indiana is likely to be rusty after a long release, Hoosiers ’success this season has sparked the defense. Defensively they lead the Big Ten, averaging 57.8 points per game, and the team only shoots 37.2% of the pitch against them, the second best in the league. No Indiana opponent has scored more than 70 points this season.

With a six-game winning streak, Michigan averaged a 23-point lead over the teams. The Wolverines are averaging 73.6 points per game for this major game.

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Who has the second most rings in NBA history?
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What did Larry Bird weigh?

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Where did Larry Bird play in college?

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What college did Larry Bird attend first?

He grew up in Bird French Lick, Indiana, and attended Indiana State University, where he helped revitalize his basketball program and set a 33–1 team record in his senior season.

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Larry Bird starred at Indiana University in 1979 before joining the Boston Celtics.

Did Larry Bird start at Indiana?

Larry Bird began his college career in Indiana with Bob Knight. The Legend played at Springs Valley High School in French Lick. By the time he graduated, he was the top scorer of all time in the school, according to Biography.com.

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