Here Are 12 Japanese Stations On The Seafront

As an archipelago, Japan has never come up short on a sea shore, albeit living in Tokyo, there is the point at which the main thing that symbolizes the ocean is simply the human sea. Be that as it may, for the individuals who are continually voyaging, there are some train stations that at any rate give a view to the ocean. Here are 12 stations in Japan that have lovely ocean view, calm and there is outside of the train window!

Here Are 12 Japanese Stations On The Seafront
Here Are 12 Japanese Stations On The Seafront

1. Kitahama Station

Situated on the Sea of Okhotsk in northeastern Hokkaido, this is presumably the coldest station in Japan, however it can’t see it from the initial two photographs beneath. Truth be told, Kitahama station is the main station in Japan today that occasionally offers a perspective on the coasting ice wonder.

2. Todoroki Station

Prompting the principle island, the station is situated in Aomori Prefecture which is near the ocean of Japan. During blustery climate, waves can normally wet the rails and up to the stations. This spot is an incredible spot to make lovely photographs. Indeed, the station was appeared on the JR promotion in 2002, which made aficionados of the train station go to Aomori.

3. Nebukawa Station

Situated in Kanagawa Prefecture, it is the main station on the Tokaido primary line among Tokyo and the unmanned Kobe, in spite of the fact that it is a notable spot during the New year. This spot additionally gives a stunning perspective on the vast ocean.

4. Shimonada Station

Another unmanned stop is the Shimonada station situated in Ehime Prefecture on the Shikoku Yosan line. When highlighted on various banners and other JR commercials, the station has gotten celebrated among the admirers of trains and picture takers in all pieces of Japan as an area for astonishing photos. This spot even has its own Facebook page!

5. Baishinji Station

Another station in Ehime Prefecture, Baishinji station isn’t just known for its area, in spite of the fact that it is unmistakably its excellence. The station catches a well known creative mind in 1991 gratitude to a TV dramatization Tokyo Love Story, which recounts to the narrative of three friends of Ehime who in the end reunites in Tokyo. In the photograph beneath, Rika, one of the primary characters of the dramatization, tied a “goodbye hanky” to the fence in a climacing scene. The aficionados of the occasion and travelers have kept up the custom for over two decades!

6. Yoroi Station

The station in Hyogo Prefecture doesn’t resemble a station, one can botch the spot is that the restroom isn’t overseen in a resting territory between area, however the view from the stage clearly replaces everything. Not exclusively is this station unmanned, in that place there is even no programmed ticket machine! Aside from its disconnected area, the station has been a touch of a fascination from vehicle darlings because of its appearance on a few TV appears.

7. Oobatake Station

One of the most rustic territories in Japan, Yamaguchi Prefecture is additionally home to Oobatake station, which is found right alongside the ocean. An hour’s drive from Hiroshima Shinkansen Station, the station is an incredible vacationer goal in the nation.

8. Oumikawa Station

Initially the station in Niigata prefecture is the nearest to the vast ocean in Japan, albeit seeing different places on this rundown, the opposition to get the respect is extremely exacting. Truth be told, the railroad line is situated along the coast for a few miles, making stations, yet in addition the whole course is an enjoyment goal for touring and the station is additionally unmanned. How does the JR way make the travelers pay the tickets?

9. Yukawa Station

Situated in Wakayama Prefecture, Yukawa Station gives an uncommon perspective on the ocean as well as the mountains of the prefecture. This station is just to the extent the stone toss from Yukawa Kaisui Yokujo (Yukawa swimming Area) and the station is likewise unmanned.

10. Umashibaura Station

Situated in Tokyo Bay in Kanagawa Prefecture, this station may not be the spot you need to visit with a tempest and an enormous wave. By the by, this spot is a superb goal for touring. Notwithstanding the landscape on the sea shore, the train travelers will be spoiled with amazing perspectives on the Yokohama Bay Bridge, Tsurumi Tsubasa Bridge, and firecrackers propelled from Yamashita Park in summer.

11. Kamakurakoko Mae Station

As typically from its station name, it is situated in Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture near Kamakura High school. This spot is celebrated for its lovely sea shore. This station offers an excellent perspective on the ocean just as Enoshima, the Miura Peninsula, and even Mt. Fuji on a crisp morning.

12. Tagi Station

The station with its sea shore before it is situated in Shimane Prefecture, the second most populated prefecture in Japan. Notwithstanding the least of the individuals around him who utilize this office, Tagi station and the region between these spots with its neighboring course from Oda station, renowned as a traveler goal and have showed up in a few magazines. From the outset there is a cherry bloom tree next to the stage, which can be utilized when the blossoms sprout in the spring.