Pember, UNC-Asheville visit Indiana | National |

UNC-Asheville (8-5) vs. Indiana (10-2)

Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall, Bloomington, Indiana; Wednesday, 7 p.m. est

BOTTOM LINE: Two new strikers will be on display when Drew Pember and UNC-Asheville face Trayce Jackson-Davis and Indiana. Pember scores 15.4 points in the last five games. Jackson-Davis scored 25 percent this season and made a total of 15.4 in his last five games.

SUPER SENIORS: Indiana has a lot of adult confidence this year. Race Thompson, Xavier Johnson, Miller Kopp and Parker Stewart overall made 47 per cent of the team’s points this year and 56 per cent of Hoosiers ’points in the last five games. He has tried and scored 7 out of 19 in his last five games. He has also changed 90.9 percent of his bad guns this year.

STREAK SCORING: Indiana has won its last nine home games, winning 77 points while delivering 56.4.

ACCOUNTING FOR ASSISTS: The Hoosiers recently used aids to make buckets more often than the Bulldogs. Indiana has 52 assistants in 80 goals (65 per cent) in its last three competitions while UNC-Asheville has assistants in 46 of the 91 (50.5 per cent) goals in its games the last three.

FALSE DEFENSE: Indiana has held 35 per cent opposing teams off the field this year, the second-lowest of all Division I teams.

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