Boy found dead in Indiana was stuffed inside suitcase with Las Vegas sign

A young boy who was found dead in Indiana found a doll inside a suitcase covered with pictures of the famous Las Vegas sign, authorities said.

The unidentified boy, who is believed to be between the ages of 5 and 8, was found inside a suitcase Saturday in a heavily wooded area of ​​New Beijing, state police Sgt. Carey Huls told Fox 19 Tuesday.

Huls said the autopsy to find the cause of death could not determine the cause of death, so investigators would rely on toxicology tests to see if the child had drugs in his system when he died.

He urged anyone who had information about the boy to contact authorities.

“I know it’s annoying and shocking, but we hope that with the release of the suitcase image, it can shake someone’s memory,” he said.

“This obviously can be a national thing,” Huls added. “It can be a boy from anywhere. We will not block anyone, and we are going to see the available information that can answer questions about the identity of these boys.

Police have sought assistance from the forensic services team of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, according to the news outlet.

“Investigators thank you for all the tips that came but asked that the public not send information about children who have been documented missing at this time. Investigators say that the case has been investigated,” said police, reported WRTV.

Who was the girl in the suitcase?

San Joaquin County, California, USA Tracy, California, USA Sandra Renee Cantu (March 8, 2001 – March 27, 2009) was an American woman who gained national attention after she disappeared from Tracy, California, on March 27, 2009. This may interest you : Tristan Thompson And Indiana Pacers Agree To Contract Buyout, Freeing Up Roster Spot In Indiana. Her body was found ten days later in inside a suitcase at a local irrigation pond.

What did Melissa Huckaby do to Sandra? June 14, 2010â € ” – Former Sunday school teacher Melissa Huckaby uses a noose to strangle 8 -year -old Sandra Cantu, officials revealed today during the confessed killer’s sentencing. Huckaby, 29, pleaded guilty last month to first -degree murder and kidnapping “with repair” to avoid the death penalty.

How was Sandra Cantu raped?

Prosecutors say Huckaby raped and killed Sandra Cantu, a neighbor in Tracy, California, trailer park, then slipped the woman’s body into a suitcase and threw it into an irrigation pond. Read also : Are there mountain in Indiana?. “My initial reaction was surprise and complete disbelief,” said Johnny Huckaby.

Where is Sandra Cantu buried?

Who was Melissa Huckaby to Sandra Cantu?

Appearance. Melissa Huckaby was a bipolar Sunday school teacher who was raped (via rolling pin) and killed 8 -year -old Sandra Cantu in 2009. Melissa’s grandfather was a Baptist minister. Read also : Indiana Women’s Basketball Guard Grace Berger is a Quiet, Competitive Leader. In 2009, Melissa was a single mother to Madison Huckaby, whom he taught Sunday school.

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What really happened to Sandra Cantu?

What really happened to Sandra Cantu?

On April 6, a suitcase containing Cantu’s body was found while pouring a routine irrigation pond. An autopsy to find the cause of death that Cantu had been beaten and sexually abused with a foreign object before being smothered, while toxicology results showed that she had ingested Alprazolam.

What happened to Melissa Huckabee? In a June 2010 plea deal, Huckaby avoided the death penalty and confessed to the murder. He is serving a life sentence in prison.

What happened to Melissa Huckaby’s daughter?

Sandra disappeared on March 27. After a widespread search, farmers on April 6 found her lifeless body in a black suitcase. Police arrested Melissa Huckaby four days later. The Stockton Record reported last week that prosecutors will take the case to a grand jury, which reportedly will meet on July 20.

What happened little Sandra?

We don’t know that Sandra was strangled by a torn piece of cloth, anesthetized with a prescription sedative, crushed with a rolling pin, and her lips cut, scratched on the elbow, and bruised around her genitals, despite Huckaby’s statement in court Monday. that he did not sexually molest Sandra or make her suffer.

What happened to Sandra Renee Cantu?

Melissa Huckaby
dmana (s)Kidnapping and murder
Criminal punishmentLife imprisonment without parole

Who was Sandra Cantu mother?

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Is Steven Fortin still alive?

Steven Fortin, 55, is serving a life sentence in New Jersey State Prison for the murder of Melissa Padilla, 25, in 1994.

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When did Sandra Cantu go missing?

When did Sandra Cantu go missing?

Cantu was 8 years old on March 27, 2009, when he disappeared from the earth he shared with his mother, Maria Chavez, and siblings and grandparents at Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park on Clover Road.

Where is Sandra Cantu buried?

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