Indiana Pacers: This is the ultimate takeaway from the 2021-22 season

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The NBA playoffs have just begun and for the second year in a row, the Indiana Pacers are nowhere to be seen. Ending the 2021-2022 season with a record 25-57, the campaign, even if it is as expected, is a complete bunch of disappointments.

While Pacers had a redeeming factor in switching from Tire to Haliburton and then raising his future ceiling, you can safely leave Indiana with a rotten mark on the cards in his end-of-season reports. However, tying it as a hidden blessing is appropriate in many ways, bringing us to the ultimate excerpt of this Pacers season, perhaps the culmination of a long phase of denial.

This is the biggest takeaway for the Indiana Pacers from the 2021-22 season

This is the biggest takeaway for the Indiana Pacers from the 2021-22 season

In recent seasons, the Indiana Pacers have been one of the biggest crosses. With the exception of this and the last season, the team has been a consistent second-level force in the East. To see also : What should I know before moving to Indiana?. However, this constant hope of rise has never been fulfilled, especially due to injuries, but also the tendency of the franchise to play it safe.

As Indiana fluctuated on the verge of mediocrity before the full circle collapsed this season, the agency tried to turn the tide by making changes. Nate McMillan’s teams were excellent in defending, but they did not have the required offensive force to be a candidate. In his single season, Nate Bjorkgren frustratedly attacked Pacers with Blue and Gold, but effectively avoided defending the team’s identity. Current head coach Rick Carlisle tried to put the puzzle together but ended up with a half-baked product.

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It was already possible to guess from the previous paragraph, but if not, let this harsh intake make its way. The ultimate excerpt of this season is that the previous core of the Indiana Pacers was never able to work well enough. Injuries did not help, but availability is a factor in itself. The core peaked as early as 2019-20, and as the Pacers hoped for greener pastures, they simply fell asleep to other ascenders in the east.

The trade with Domantas Sabonis was a huge, decisive step towards understanding this fact, but to avoid the same mistakes, the Indiana Pacers must move more resolutely and fully to the current direction they are taking. If they have to move away from the remnants of their recent past to strengthen their tomorrow, this is the ideal and most harmless time to do so.

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