Nerf wars disturbing southern Indiana community

GREENDALE, Ind. (DESIRE) – Hey, kids, if you’re firing foam missiles from your blaster in this southern Indiana town, be kind, police say.

The Greendale Police Department says the Nerf Wars are taking place throughout the city of 4,300 residents and surrounding areas of Dearborn County. Greendale is a 30-minute drive west of downtown Cincinnati.

For those who missed the fun, Nerf wars involve informal battles – outdoors, in basements, in the office, basically anywhere – with foam-firing toys. The great, annual Nerf Wars, with established rules and regulations, are a popular pastime in parts of the United States.

But in Greendale, police are asking for a little decency. Several people called the department complaining about teenagers armed with Nerf Blasters speeding in cars, disrupting traffic, taking possession of homeowners and just “disturbing the community”.

“While we encourage young people to have a little fun, we’d rather do it in a way that won’t result in a life-changing event for them or their families,” the department said in a Facebook post. “Our officers will observe and respond appropriately to any situation.”

In a Facebook post, Michelle Tackett wrote, “We were driving to work and saw a couple of kids in Greendale hiding and waiting to be ambushed in front of someone’s house at 7am. It was hilarious. I wish I could see the whole thing. ”

“Mayah Mayah” wrote, “And tell your children to get dressed! I saw this teenager on our street getting out of the car only in boxer shorts. My kids are playing in front, and ‘teens are having fun’ spinning their bikes up and down the street a few times, and getting out of the car practically naked isn’t the best method. Try walking and wearing clothes. Ps- my child took pictures of you in your underpants. ”

Police have not revealed whether they were injured or materially damaged after the foam projectiles flooded the city.

Meanwhile, police are asking parents to talk to their children about safety and respect while having fun.

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What channel is Corpus Christi news?

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