Chicago Bulls vs. Indiana Pacers: Betting odds and prediction

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On the evening of Dec. 31, interim head coach Chris Fleming and the Chicago Bulls will conclude this year’s calendar by taking head coach Rick Carlisle and their main opponent Indiana Pacers on the road. This is the second time in the past week that the Bulls have faced the Pacers. The difference is that this meeting between the two groups is scheduled to come on the road.

The Bulls plan to win five consecutive games until the 2021 final against the Pacers. They are setting a 22-10 record coming out on top in a thrilling double-win over the Atlanta Hawks at home to United Center on the night of December 29th.

Since the Christmas break, the Bulls have beaten the Pacers once (from Dec. 26) and the Hawks twice (on Dec. 27 and 29). Fleming has been the interim coach in those last three games with second-year coach Billy Donovan in the competition’s health and safety rules.

The Pacers, meanwhile, went into the game with a 14-21 record following a 116-108 loss on the way to the Charlotte Hornets on December 29. in this event with the Bulls on New Year’s Eve.

Here’s a look at the odds of betting and game predictions as the Bulls take on the Pacers on the road at GainBridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis on Dec. 31 with a deadline set for 2 p.m. CT.

Chicago Bulls vs. Indiana Pacers betting odds

Chicago Bulls vs. Indiana Pacers betting odds

According to WynnBet, the Bulls are the three-point favorite against the Pacers on the road in this game. This may interest you : Indiana Pacers: Why TJ McConnell’s contract may not age well. And up / down is set at 220.5 points.

ESPN’s predictions give the Bulls a 52 percent chance of beating the Pacers.

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Chicago Bulls vs. Indiana Pacers prediction

Chicago Bulls vs. Indiana Pacers prediction

The last five meetings between the Bulls and Pacers (which goes back to December 26, 2020) are not all close. Each of these five games was cut by a gap of eight points. To see also : Inside INdiana Business: 2 northwest Indiana projects. Of course, one of those five games was decided by an eight-point lead in the win over the Bulls back on 15 February, by a final score of 120-112.

The Bulls have also been 3-2 in their last five meetings with the Pacers. On Dec. 26, the Bulls lowered the Pacers by eight points. And the Pacers dominated the Bulls at the start of the season when the two sides met, 32 points behind.

Again, this game is likely to decide which of the top three comes out on top in the final. The Bulls really need a strong match from the duo of star guard / striker DeMar DeRozan and center Nikola Vucevic.

DeRozan has continued to play well since coming out of fitness and safety a little over a week ago. And Vucevic is the best basketball player of the season. He has been instrumental in helping the Bulls win five games before the Christmas break.

If star players Zach LaVine, DeRozan, and Vucevic continue to work at or near the top of the league in this game, it will be very difficult for the Pacers’ big three Domantas Sabonis, Myles Turner, and Caris LeVert to compete. But that big Pacers three has given the Bulls trouble once this season. That could happen again if the Bulls show the same dynamism in this game as they did in their first meeting with the Pacers this season.

In principle, this game seems to be a very successful one for the Bulls. But that feels like a bit of a stretch waiting to happen. This was an extra personal hunch, but I got that kind of excitement when the Bulls faced the Pacers in a 32-point loss.

Final score prediction: Pacers-105, Bulls-98

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