Doctor: Omicron variant likely already in Indiana, delta remains the major threat

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – According to preliminary data, the Pfizer booster vaccine protects against the omicron mutation. The blow, scientists say, manages to recognize and neutralize infection.

News 8 spoke to Dr. Sandeep Dube, cardiologist and president-elect of the ‘Indianapolis’ American Heart Association Board of Directors. Sandeep says that the evidence showing the effectiveness of the booster against omicron is good news. He also says we’re still throwing a delta.

“The big variation that creates havoc across all states including Indiana … the majority of patients – almost all of the patients currently in hospital – are due to the delta variation,” said Sandeep. “Omicron, again, we don’t know too much and current evidence shows it causes less serious illness.”

Although no omicron cases have been reported in Indiana, the state has set up tests in anticipation of its arrival. However, Sandeep says it is likely that an omicron is already here. It is only a matter of time before a case is confirmed. Not only that, he anticipates it is already in every state.

The study sample was small and more work needs to be done regarding the effectiveness of Pfizer against the mutation. In the meantime, the most important thing for now, says Sandeep, is to get a full vaccination and then booster when eligible.

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